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Getting Started Building ColdFusion MX Applications



Getting Started Building ColdFusion MX Applications

Developer resources. viii
About Macromedia ColdFusion MX documentation. ix
Printed and online documentation set. ix
Viewing online documentation. x
Getting answers. x
Contacting Macromedia. x

Part I Welcome to ColdFusion. 1
CHAPTER 1 Introducing ColdFusion MX. 3
The Internet and related technologies.4
The Internet.4
Intranet applications.5
Web servers.5
Web pages.5
Web browsers.6
Understanding web application servers.7
What is ColdFusion MX?.8
The ColdFusion application server.9
The ColdFusion Markup Language.9
The ColdFusion MX Administrator.10
Using ColdFusion MX with Macromedia Flash MX.11

CHAPTER 2 CFML Basics. 13
Working with ColdFusion pages.14
Creating a ColdFusion page.14
Understanding CFML elements.16
Creating variables with the cfset tag.19
Displaying variable output.20
Working with CFML expressions.21
Building expressions.21
Understanding conditional processing.25
Processing form data.26
Form processing.26
Commenting your code.28

CHAPTER 3 Database Fundamentals.29
Understanding database basics.30
What is a relational database?.30
Understanding relational tables.31
About SQL.32
Using SQL to interact with a database.32
Using SQL with ColdFusion.33
About data sources.33
Writing SQL and CFML statements to interact with a data source.33
CFML tags that interact with a database.33

CHAPTER 4 Configuring Your Development Environment. 35
Verifying the tutorial file structure.36
Configuring database connection and debugging options.37
Configuring the connection to the sample database file.37
Enabling debugging options.40
Macromedia development environment tools.43
The Dreamweaver MX environment.44
Configuring Dreamweaver MX for ColdFusion development.45
Configuring HomeSite+ for ColdFusion development.45

Part II Building a ColdFusion Application. 47
LESSON 1 Preparing to Build the Sample Application.49
Application development steps.50
Determining the application functional requirements.51
Determining the data requirements.52
Designing the database for your application.53
Developing the sample application.55
How to proceed.55

LESSON 2 Writing Your First ColdFusion Application.59
Creating your first ColdFusion application.60
Application development steps.61
Using a web page to list trips.62
Converting to a dynamic web page.62
Using SQL with cfquery to dynamically retrieve information.64
Creating a dynamic web page.66
Developing a search capability.69
Designing the search criteria page.69
Building the Search Results page.73
Completing the Trip Search Results page.76
In the next lesson.80

LESSON 3 Creating a Main Application Page. 81
Enhancing the Trip Maintenance application.82
Showing additional trip details.84
Avoiding the potential security risk when using dynamic SQL.88
Linking the Search Results page to the Trip Detail page.89
Enhancing the look of the search results and detail pages.90
Creating the main application page from the Trip Detail page.93
Adding navigation buttons to browse database.94
Adding database maintenance buttons.96
In the next lesson.98

LESSON 4 Validating Data to Enforce Business Rules.99
Enhancing the Trip Maintenance application.100
Using an HTML form to collect data.101
Developing code to validate data and enforce business rules.103
Validating data using a server-side action page.104
Validating data on the client using ColdFusion form tags.107
Using cfselect tag to present valid event types.110
Using other client-side script to reduce edits on the server.112
Validating the existence of the trip photo file.115
In the next lesson.117

LESSON 5 Implementing the Browsing and Maintenance
Database Functions.119
Enhancing the Trip Maintenance application.120
Application development steps.121
Using dynamic SQL to browse (navigate) the Trips table.121
Building the maintenance action page.124
Linking the Trip Detail page to the Trip Search page.125
In the next lesson.128

LESSON 6 Adding and Updating SQL Data. 129
Completing the Trip Maintenance application.130
Writing code to save new trips to the database.130
Updating a SQL row using cfupdate.136
Linking the Trip Edit page to the main page.138
SQL Update.140
Updating multiple records.141
INDEX. 143

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