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Requirements Engineering On-Line Technology

Requirements Engineering
SEI Interactive - Merlin Dorfman

Editor┬ĺs Note: The following article is reprinted from the book Software Requirements
Engineering, Second Edition, and is provided for readers who want to read a brief tutorial on
requirements engineering. The views expressed in this article are the author┬ĺs only and do not
represent directly or imply any official position or view of the Software Engineering Institute or
Carnegie Mellon University.

Requirements engineering is presented and discussed as a part of systems
engineering and software systems engineering. The need for good requirements
engineering, and the consequences of a lack of it, are most apparent in systems
that are all or mostly software. Requirements Engineering approaches are
closely tied to the life cycle or process model used. A distinction is made
between requirements engineering at the system level and at lower levels, such
as software elements. The fundamentals of requirements engineering are
defined and presented: elicitation; decomposition and abstraction; allocation,
flowdown, and traceability; interfaces; validation and verification. Requirements
development approaches, tools, and methods, and their capabilities and
limitations, are briefly discussed.

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